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Insurance Companies Don't Like You To Know That You Can Sell Your Policy

For many, life insurance premiums become an extreme financial burden. As policy owners grow older, premiums tend to increase making the policy unaffordable. This is especially troubling in retirement years and when people are on a fixed income. Often, when people are caught in this financial burden is when they consider surrendering a policy back to the insurance company or letting it lapse. By exercising these options, policy owners are not benefiting from their hard-earned money!  Insurance companies are benefiting.
The Great News... This is when a life settlement is usually the best option to explore. Once we find the highest cash value possible for your life settlement, you do not have to worry about paying the premiums ever again. You get the relief of cash in your bank account and move on with your life. The ownership premiums and the payment responsibilities for the policy are 100% transferred to the purchaser.
With that stress off of your shoulders, you can relax.

Paul Ashley Explains Life Settlements If you don't use it, you'll lose it

Only approximately 3% of all term policies, and only 11% of all permanent policies actually result in a payout from the insurance company. The average life settlement pays out 22% of the face value of your policy, and PAA has received more than double that for its clients. In this short 10-minute video, Mr. Ashley explains why life settlements are a great choice. 
Most people think that a life insurance policy only has a benefit when somebody dies. That’s completely the wrong way to look at a life insurance policy. It is a living asset. Licensed life settlement broker Paul Ashley

The Risk of Letting Your Policy Lapse

When folks sign up for life insurance policies, it is impossible for them to know how their financial situations will be throughout the course of their lives. Sometimes, the cost of continuing to pay life insurance fees becomes too much to bear and they let their policies lapse instead of initiating renewal. These types of financial decisions could be greatly destructive for your family.  

Your insurer will demand you pay the premiums that you have let lapse, sometimes with interest fees. They may also require a new medical exam to complete your renewal application. It’s natural for health to worsen with age, and if you are required to get a new examination, will end up paying a higher premium than before.

"If you are suffering from a serious health issue at any age. Or, if you are 65 + years of age and have some medical issues, you could qualify for a life settlement. Clients receive their cash which can be used for anything they choose. Never let a term policy expire without calling us. Live your life a little easier and happier with money in the bank."

- Paul Ashley, PAA Life Settlements

How We Achieve The Highest Payout Possible Life Settlement Brokers on Your Side

Who Is Buying

Institutionalized Investment Groups such as banks, mutual funds, private equity groups, etc. are known as Providers.  These are the buyers of life settlements.  These companies are in the business of buying policies for as little money to the seller as possible, earning them huge profits.  Most of these groups are unknown to the public.  Throughout the years we have developed strong relationships with the top 40 biggest buyers in the industry. Having this network allows us to obtain increased, respectable offers from accredited buyers. 

How We Sell: We Make The Buyers Compete

If there is no competition, there is no reason to offer a higher payout.  At PAA, we earn you the most money possible by placing your policy into a private auction among the biggest buyers.  This method demands that the buyers bid up the purchase price.  We earn our clients approximately four times what they would if they went directly to a market buyer.  This is the magic of how the brokers at PAA Life Settlements gets the best results for our clients.

We Are Here for Houston

Houston, Texas is a retirement hub. Among major American cities, Houston, Texas gained the third-most folks aged 65 and older in 2019. People want to live here, and they deserve to enjoy their retirement. After working for decades, and spending almost as much time investing in your life insurance policy, you can allow yourself to have financial freedom by seeking a life settlement with PAA. 

At PAA, we have the relationships with the biggest buyers of life insurance policies that offer the highest cash payouts. Investment groups are interested in your soon to expire term policy or a policy that you no longer have a need for. Never surrender a policy, never let a policy lapse, and never let a policy expire without considering selling it for cash. Life insurance is a living asset! To request your free consultation, simply reach out over the phone or write to us. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your insurance policy. 

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Common Questions

Every person who becomes our client receives quality communication throughout the process and a commitment to personal care. We are more than happy to answer your questions during our consultation. Here are some answers to questions that our brokers are frequently asked.

What Is the Application Process?

Our licensed brokers can handle and assist clients with each aspect of the application process. There are just a few forms to fill out. There are no fees for a life settlement application. There will never be any out-of-pocket cost.

Is My Settlement Taxable?

Every situation is different. You may be required to pay taxes on a portion of your settlement. There are many different factors. We can discuss these details during our consultation.

Why Not Try To Sell It Myself?

Return On Investment, It’s About The Money!!

The process of selling your policy can be very difficult to navigate and it’s easy to get consumed. If you value your personal time and you want a greater cash return for your policy, then a licensed broker from PAA is your best choice. It takes weeks and countless hours of energy and organization to get all the information required and to professionally bundle that information in such a way that the presentation is attractive to the buyers. Allowing us to handle the task saves time, energy, and stress on the client’s part. Best of all, our clients generally receive approximately four times the cash offer by using an experienced broker such as PAA vs going to a direct buyer and attempting to negotiate themselves. Simple policy owners have no leverage and lack the experience. Furthermore, they wouldn’t know and won’t realize the true potential cash value for their policy.
It’s not uncommon for the direct commercial buyers to successfully persuade folks to sell their policies for significantly less cash than what the policy could have been worth. Remember, they want to pay as little money as possible which brings them incredible profits.
For what it’s worth, the highly regulated office of the Texas Department of Insurance requires life settlement brokers to be licensed because it is recognized that brokers need a high level of skill and knowledge. 

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Paul Ashley & Associates is a Licensed Life Settlements Broker dedicated to helping you get the highest cash value for your policy. We have over 25 years of combined experience within the Life Settlements industry and have earned a reputation for outstanding client service.

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