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Life Settlements

Your life insurance policy could become a burden as you get older, especially with rising premiums.

A life settlement broker at Paul Ashley & Associates can sell your policy to a trusted buyer, getting you cash above the surrender value.

Our firm in Houston, TX, offers free consultations without hidden fees. Find out if a life settlement makes sense for you.

What Is a Life Settlement?


A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to an accredited buyer, such as a prime bank or private equity investment group. Both permanent life policies and term life policies can be sold in a life settlement. When the transaction is completed, the premiums and other payment responsibilities are transferred from the original policy owner to the buyer.

Believe It or Not Death Benefits Are Rarely Paid Out

Only 3% of all term life policies
pay out a death benefit.

Only 11% of all permanent life policies
pay out a death benefit.

Is a Life Settlement Right for Me?

Find Out in a Free Consultation

Are your insurance premiums too high? Does a high-value insurance policy no longer make sense given your current needs? Paul Ashley & Associates is here for you.

Life insurance doesn't need to be a burden. Our settlement brokers have helped numerous people throughout Texas with term and whole life insurance receive cash payments for their policies.

If you'd like to discuss your insurance situation with one of our brokers, we're ready to listen. Contact PAA in Houston, TX, for more information.

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Qualifying for a Life Settlement

In most cases, the following is necessary to qualify for a life settlement:

  • You are at least 65 years old
  • Your policy is at least two years old
  • The death benefit or face amount of the life insurance policy is at least $100,000

Keep in mind that people younger than 65 can potentially seek a life settlement if certain medical conditions are present. The brokers at our Houston firm can review your life insurance policy and current health circumstances to determine if you qualify for a settlement.

Maximizing Your Payout

The brokers at PAA have helped Texas seniors receive much-needed cash through sales to reputable life settlement providers. Here are some ways we maximize your settlement value:
Private Auctions

Private Auction for Top Buyers

A traditional transaction from our brokers to a life settlement provider wouldn't yield a maximum payout. That's why we use competition to drive up the price.

PAA puts your insurance up for private auction. The 30 largest companies in the life settlement industry get to bid on your policy, driving up the overall value. We allow the bids to escalate between buyers in order to secure the highest possible settlement for you.


Factors That Affect Policy Value

Age plays a major factor in the value of your insurance policy, given the realities of life expectancy. Investors are most interested in policies where the insured policy owner is in their 70s or older.

If you’re under 65, you still may be eligible to sell your policy if you have a serious health issue such as a terminal illness. Similarly, if you have a career in a hazardous industry, this could also add to the overall value of your life settlement.

Are Life Settlements Taxable?


Yes, life insurance settlements are taxable. However, the amount you'll pay in taxes can vary. The more you've paid into your insurance policy through premiums, the lower your federal tax obligation. If you've paid more in premiums than you receive from the life settlement transaction, that income is tax-free.

The average offer for a life settlement is often 22% of the policy's face value. Since bidding varies, the amount you receive could be much higher.

This is a better option than letting your life insurance lapse or surrendering your policy.

Our Streamlined Approach Understanding the Life Settlement Process

The life settlement process typically takes about 6-12 weeks.
The life settlement process typically takes about 6-12 weeks.

Professional Consultation

Your initial consultation with our Houston life settlement brokers is free. We can discuss your current insurance death benefit as well as the potential value of your policy. We can even review offers from other life settlement companies to let you know if you're being lowballed.

Authorization Agreement

PAA is a client-focused firm. We won't move forward with any part of the life settlement process unless you feel comfortable and authorize us to do so. There is no obligation or pressure involved in simply speaking with our brokers.

Submitting Policy for Bidding

When given your approval, we will submit your life insurance policy for auction. The biggest life settlement providers in the industry will bid against each other, with competition driving the price of your policy beyond its cash surrender value.

Closing the Deal

PAA will not complete the transaction as soon as the policy has eclipsed its surrender value. We allow buyers to outbid each other in order to secure as much cash as possible for the benefit of our clients. Once a ceiling has been reached, we will end the auction and close the deal.
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Paul Ashley & Associates

Paul Ashley & Associates is a Licensed Life Settlements Broker dedicated to helping you get the highest cash value for your policy. We have over 25 years of combined experience within the Life Settlements industry and have earned a reputation for outstanding client service.

You can contact our practice online, or schedule a free consultation by calling (855) 209-7355.

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